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Gym App

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Conceptualization
  • UX Planning
  • UI Design
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Payment made simpler

There’s a pay- as-you-use gym, i.e. a gym in which you pay only for the facilities you use, when you use them.
We have to design a system for it such that a gym- member can use it without help from any person. We could choose to make an app or a refillable card plus an app, whichever you think works best.

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It was a pretty nice concept as I myself am one of thouse people who does not take the full package and still want to use the facilities they provide. As we started working the first thing was to choose between refillable card plus or an app.
In my opinion the idea with app and QR code works best for both the user and the business (gym); as the cost and maintenance of hardware is nothing. To not to be self biased, went to some users and had a discussion about their daily gym routine. 87% of them carries their mobile to gym and only 28% of them carries their wallets. So the an app will be a preferable option.

  • - The target audience is kind of mixed but majority is young people. 16–40 years of age.

  • - The app should be very minimalistic

  • - Quick interactions


As the product is targeting a very vast user group. We kept the colors simple and subtel. "Basically white and blue"


The selection of font was the only easy thing. As the brand is more of sports we went for “ BOLD and STUBERN “ fonts. “ system fonts “


Now that we know what exactly needs to be created we spent almost 2 days creating the screens. This was one of the hardest part of the process. As the UI not only has be to simple, it has be to be appealing to the user also.

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